The Kingdom Visions Project (Pre-Teen)

This book is a collection of visions from the Christadelphian brotherhood. It is the result
of The Kingdom Project that Wilderness Voice undertook during 2020—a tumultuous
year for the whole world because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused us to
reflect deeply on our Hope.
For the most part we have chosen to keep the visions without author, but there are
contributions from brothers and sisters, teens, and children from all over the ecclesial
world, including New Zealand, Australia, America, Canada, Germany, Argentina, Chile,
Kenya, England, Bolivia, Costa Rico, and Wales.
Editing of the submissions is very limited in order to reflect the eclectic sources of the
contributions. Therefore, you will see a variation in spelling, presentation of text,
typography, and colours. We have made only light edits where typos, grammar, clarity,
or where the original text may impede general understanding. We hope that these still
reflect the intention of the contributors (our apologies to the author if they do not). Text
included in artwork has not been edited.
Our thanks to all those who contributed, and also to those who assisted in organising
and compiling the submissions for this project. It has become a lot larger than originally
anticipated, which has made it exciting and encouraging in itself.
From the comments received from participants, many have found the exercise very
helpful, even cathartic, especially in trying times increased by the pandemic.
We hope this project serves to strengthen your own vision, to make it vivid and real so
you see yourself there, too. When you read the stories and view the illustrations, keep in
mind that these are personal visions by brothers and sisters, young people, and children
at various ages and stages in life. You may not agree with everything that they put
forward, and sometimes, while the person may be trying to explain what immortality is
like, you’ll find hints of viewing the matter through mortal eyes. That’s understandable,
for how can we truly understand immortality until we experience it. But what we are all
trying to do through this exercise is clothe the future with reality and be encouraged
We encourage all of you to spend the time browsing, reading, and meditating on the
things offered in this book, to hold fast to the HOPE we share, and to keep earnestly
praying for this day to come. “For yet a little while, he that shall come, will come and will
not tarry.”
“Even so, come, Lord Jesus!”

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