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A @Christadelphians Video: Description: The Lord Jesus Christ is Israel’s Messiah, the one promised to the faithfuls of old, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and later to David. Through His work of redemption Gentiles to can be part of the promises. Christ was born of Mary, He did not pre-exist nor is part of the trinity, but the beloved Son of GOD. By his perfect life and obedience to his Father’s will he has opened the way of redemption for all who would follow him.


The content explores the Old Testament prophecies, particularly those concerning Jesus Christ, the Virgin birth, Christ’s role in God’s plan, and misconceptions about Christ’s pre-existence. It delves into how Mary and Joseph came to understand their roles in the birth of Jesus and discusses the significance of Jesus’ birth in fulfilling God’s plan. It addresses various passages often used to support the concept of Christ’s pre-existence and interprets them within the context of the Gospel of John.


  • [📜] Old Testament prophecies, such as those in Genesis, point to Jesus Christ’s role in God’s plan.
  • [⛪️] Mary and Joseph’s faith and understanding play crucial roles in the birth of Jesus, fulfilling Old Testament prophecies.
  • [👶] Jesus’ birth is described in detail, emphasizing his human nature and role as the promised Messiah.
  • [❓] Misconceptions about Christ’s pre-existence are addressed, including interpretations of key passages in the Gospel of John.
  • [📖] Interpretations of passages in John’s Gospel suggest that Jesus’ “beginning” refers to the start of his ministry, not his pre-existence.


video content, biblical studies, theology

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