The Thief on the Cross

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: A clear and concise explanation of Christ’s promise to the thief about being in paradise. The emphasis on the word “today” can change the meaning of the verse but when compared with other areas on the Scripture on death and the soul, we can more simply understand the meaning.


The discussion revolves around a biblical passage concerning the thief on the cross next to Jesus, focusing on the interpretation of Jesus’s statement about being in Paradise together. It delves into the meaning of “today” in the context of the statement and explores the theological implications of the thief’s fate.


  • [📜] Jesus assures the thief on the cross that they will be together in Paradise.
  • [🤔] The interpretation of “today” in Jesus’s statement is debated, whether it implies an immediate entry into Paradise or a future event.
  • [💭] The content challenges the idea of an immortal soul and explores the concept of the soul as described in the Bible.
  • [🌳] Paradise is interpreted not as heaven but as an earthly restoration akin to the Garden of Eden.
  • [⏳] The discussion highlights the belief in a future resurrection and judgment where the faithful will receive eternal life.
  • [🌟] The narrative underscores the transformative power of repentance and faith, exemplified by the thief on the cross.


  • biblical interpretation
  • afterlife beliefs
  • theological debates
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