What is God’s definition of love?


The discussion delves into the biblical definition of love as outlined in 1 John 4, emphasising God’s role as the embodiment of love. It contrasts worldly interpretations of love with God’s definition, which is inseparable from His commandments. The narrative stresses the connection between love and truth, refuting the notion of a dichotomy between them. It explores how God’s love manifests through correction and discipline, aiming to lead individuals back to Him. The text concludes by highlighting the consistency of God’s love and correction, mirrored in the actions of Jesus Christ.


  • πŸ“– 1 John 4 provides a clear definition of love, stating that God is love and outlining the significance of living in accordance with His principles.
  • πŸ’” Failure to love according to God’s standards is equated with abiding in death, emphasising the seriousness of aligning with His love.
  • βš–οΈ The discussion challenges the notion of a divide between truth and love, asserting that biblical love rejoices in truth and does not condone wrongdoing.
  • 🌟 God’s love is depicted as corrective and disciplinary, aimed at guiding individuals back to His path of righteousness.
  • πŸ™Œ The consistency of God’s love and correction is underscored, reflected in the actions and teachings of Jesus Christ.


Love, Biblical interpretation, Commandments

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