What is Truth, Can it be Defined, Does it Matter?

Description: God has expectations that we will follow His commandments. Examples are given to demonstrate the problems which arise from ignoring God’s ways. We need to carefully listen to God’s Word, to accept His ways so that we will develop faith. Belief and baptism are required so that can serve God, and be in tune with His ideals.


The content explores the significance of truth in accordance with biblical teachings, emphasising that sincerity alone is insufficient for divine acceptance. Through various biblical examples, it illustrates that adherence to God’s truth and commands is essential for righteousness. It highlights the importance of faith, obedience, and baptism, asserting that belief in the gospel is necessary for salvation. Additionally, it stresses the ongoing commitment to living a righteous life in accordance with God’s will, with the promise of eternal life for those who faithfully follow the truth.


  • 📖 Truth is crucial in accordance with biblical teachings, emphasising the need for adherence to God’s commands.
  • 💬 Sincerity alone is insufficient; faith, obedience, and baptism are essential for divine acceptance.
  • 🌊 Belief in the gospel is paramount for salvation, with ongoing commitment to righteous living.
  • 🙏 Eternal life is promised to those who faithfully follow God’s truth and commands.


  • Bible teaching
  • Truth importance
  • Salvation through faith
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Hi, how do I find anything on this website now? I used to be able to go through the speakers names & listen to many tasks but now there are no buttons to hit, the search button doesn’t work, I can’t find anything!

We will look into it, sorry for the inconvenience, but thank you for reporting it !

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