What must I do to inherit eternal life?

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: Sin entered the world by the disobedience of the first man Adam and so death became the inevitable end for all of his descendants. The Apostle Paul shows in his letter to the Romans that the grace of God can lead to eternal life through the righteousness of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Belief and baptism into Christ, and then following him, is the only way we can attain eternal life. It is God’s wonderful gift to all mankind.


The transcript discusses the question of eternal life posed to Jesus in Luke 18, exploring its implications and requirements according to biblical teachings. It delves into the concepts of sin, grace, righteousness, and the role of belief in Jesus Christ. The essence lies in following Jesus, denying oneself, and embracing baptism as a declaration of faith in God’s redemptive plan.


  • [⚖️] Man’s innate desire for something enduring beyond mortal life is reflected in the quest for eternal life, as described in Ecclesiastes.
  • [📜] The narrative traces back to Genesis, where disobedience led to the introduction of death as a consequence of sin, affecting humanity’s destiny.
  • [✝️] The New Testament amplifies the principle that sin leads to death, but grace through Jesus Christ offers eternal life as a gift.
  • [🌍] Eternal life extends beyond mere existence; it entails a new world devoid of suffering, established through God’s kingdom on Earth.
  • [💰] Jesus challenges a rich man to forsake his wealth and follow him, highlighting the importance of prioritizing God’s kingdom over worldly possessions.
  • [🙏] Belief in Jesus and adherence to his teachings are essential for attaining eternal life, requiring self-denial and taking up one’s cross.
  • [🔑] Baptism symbolizes a commitment to God’s plan, signifying a departure from sin and a commitment to living a righteous life.


  • Eternal life
  • Christianity
  • Biblical teachings
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