What on Earth is Going on? 12 Part Bible Prophecy Seminar Series

Have you ever considered the detail with which the Bible records events ahead of time, or looked into the archaeological and historical evidence that supports its claims? You might be surprised – the evidence can provide a solid foundation to trust all it has to say, motivating faith and hope for the promised future.

This 6-week introductory seminar was delivered by 4 presenters who are passionate about these subjects and the hope it gives. Each week consisted of two 20 min talks with a comfort break in-between and time for small group discussion. The series was be brought together using Zoom at locations across the South West: Newquay, Porthleven, Teignmouth and Taunton.



1a Introduction & Overview
1b Why can we trust the Bible – what has archaeology got to say?
2a Who were the prophets in the Bible and what was their purpose?
2b Prophecy for the future 1: ‘as in the days of Noah & Lot’
3a Prophecies fulfilled – why is Daniel chapter 2 so illuminating?
3b Prophecy for the future  2: ‘…as a thief in the night’
4a Why Israel? Part 1: God’s promise to Abraham up to the scattering in AD 135
4b Prophecies about Jesus: from the past and into the future
5a Why Israel? Part 2: The prophecies of regathering
5b Why Israel? Part 3: Recent history
6a Prophecy for the future 3: Jesus gives signs to look for
6b What on earth is going on? – Pulling things together

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