What should be our response to suffering?

A @Christadelphians Video: Summary The content delves into the topic of suffering and how individuals respond to it, drawing insights from the crucifixion scene in Luke 23. It contrasts the reactions of two thieves crucified alongside Jesus, highlighting one thief’s repentance and recognition of Jesus’ innocence, while the other continues to rail against him. Through this narrative, it explores the broader themes of faith, redemption, and the purpose of suffering.


The content discusses the response to suffering, drawing lessons from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and two thieves at Golgotha. It explores human reactions to suffering, the purpose of mortality and suffering in God’s plan, and the importance of faith in times of adversity.


  • [💭] The crucifixion scene at Golgotha presents lessons on human responses to suffering.
  • [🤔] Understanding mortality and suffering challenges both believers and unbelievers, echoing the sentiments of Solomon in Ecclesiastes.
  • [🙏] Faith in God’s larger purpose sustains believers through suffering, as exemplified by the Apostle Paul’s words in Romans 8:18.
  • [⛪] The content discusses common questions about God’s role in suffering, emphasising the need to maintain faith despite adversity.
  • [💡] Various biblical examples, including Joseph, Job, and Jeremiah, illustrate how believers grapple with suffering and find hope in God’s plan.
  • [🌟] The narrative of the two thieves at Golgotha highlights contrasting responses to suffering: one railing against Jesus, the other acknowledging his innocence and seeking salvation.
  • [🔍] Jesus’ focus on the resurrection and the kingdom contrasts with the zealots’ desire for immediate action against Roman occupation.
  • [🙌] The repentant thief’s request to Jesus reveals deep faith in Christ’s future kingdom and the concept of salvation by grace.
  • [🔍] Doctrinal discussions touch on baptism and the interpretation of Jesus’ promise to the repentant thief regarding paradise.
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