What Snakes Represent in the Bible.


The discussion explores the symbolic representation of snakes in the Bible, particularly focusing on their association with sin. Through various passages, it delves into how snakes symbolize deceit, lies, and temptation, highlighting key biblical references such as Genesis 3, Psalm 58, and Matthew 23. The conversation also touches on the connection between snakes and sin, emphasising Jesus’ role in overcoming sin and providing a pathway to redemption.


  • 🐍 Snakes symbolise sin and deception in the Bible, representing characteristics like deceit, lies, and temptation.
  • πŸ“– Key passages such as Genesis 3, Psalm 58, and Matthew 23 illustrate the association between snakes and sin, showcasing how biblical figures like Jesus and the religious leaders are depicted in serpent-like terms.
  • πŸ’‘ Sin, described metaphorically as venom or poison, leads to death, but Jesus, symbolically represented as the serpent on the pole, offers redemption and victory over sin.
  • ✝️ Jesus’ sinless life and sacrificial death provide the antidote to sin, offering forgiveness and a way for believers to overcome sin by following his example.
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