Why does God allow suffering?

The talk explores the challenging question of why God allows suffering, delving into the biblical perspective on the issue. It discusses the concept of sin, mortality, and the purpose of suffering, ultimately leading to the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ and the promise of a future without suffering in God’s kingdom.


The video script discusses the topic of why God allows suffering, acknowledging the existence of God and the evidence of His existence. It explores the concept of sin and its consequences, as well as the purpose of suffering and the hope for an end to suffering in the future.

0:22 🤔 The question of why God allows suffering assumes the existence of God, which the Christadelphians believe in.
3:07 😰 Atheists struggle to reconcile the idea of a loving God and the existence of suffering in the world.
4:15 📖 The Bible holds the answers to why God allows suffering, according to Bible Believers.
8:42 😔 Suffering is a part of human existence due to the consequences of sin and the fallen state of the world.
14:12 🙏 The Bible teaches that God can use suffering to correct and humble us, leading us closer to Him.
18:36 🌍 The ultimate purpose of suffering is in line with God’s plan to fill the Earth with beings free from sin and death.
21:42 💡 The hope for an end to suffering lies in the future Kingdom of God, where there will be no more pain or death.
Key Insights
💔 The existence of suffering poses a challenge in reconciling the belief in a loving God. However, the Bible provides an explanation based on the consequences of sin and the fallen state of the world.
🌟 Suffering can serve a purpose in our lives by humbling and correcting us, helping us realize our mortality and the need for salvation.
🙌 The Bible offers hope for an end to suffering in the future, where the Earth will be filled with beings free from sin and death.
🔍 The key to understanding God’s perspective on suffering lies in accepting His righteousness and truth, even if it challenges our own understanding and desires.
⚖️ God’s sovereignty allows Him to permit suffering, but it is important to recognize that He is also a God of love and mercy, working towards a greater purpose.
📖 The gospel message, consisting of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, offers a way to salvation and the removal of suffering through faith and baptism.
🌈 The promise of eternal life and the transformation of our mortal bodies in the future Kingdom of God provides hope and a perspective that surpasses the temporary suffering we experience in this life.

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