Why Jesus Christ will return to the earth.

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: God’s purpose with the earth involves the setting up of His Kingdom by His Son, Jesus Christ. Questions like, why Jesus is returning to the earth and what he will do when he returns, are answered. The Bible shows what God’s Kingdom will be like, and how we can be part of it.


The content discusses the reasons for Jesus Christ’s return to Earth according to Christian belief, exploring biblical passages and prophecies. It delves into God’s purpose with the Earth, Jesus Christ’s teachings, and why his return is imminent. Key themes include God’s plan for the Earth, Jesus Christ’s role in fulfilling prophecy, and signs indicating the end times.


  • 📜 God’s purpose with the Earth is outlined in biblical passages such as Isaiah 46:9-10, highlighting his plan for humanity and the Earth’s future.
  • 🌍 Despite mankind’s failings, God intends for the Earth to be inhabited and governed according to his will (Isaiah 45:8).
  • 📖 Jesus Christ’s teachings emphasise love for God and others, as well as the coming Kingdom of God (Mark 12:28-31, Matthew 6:21-23).
  • ⛪️ Jesus preached the Gospel of the Kingdom, a central theme throughout the New Testament (Mark 1:14, Matthew 24:14).
  • 🌟 Prophecies in the Old Testament, including promises to Abraham and King David, foretell Jesus Christ’s return and the establishment of his Kingdom (Genesis 12, 2 Samuel 7, Luke 1).
  • ⏳ Signs indicating the end times, such as wars, natural disasters, and the restoration of Israel, suggest Jesus Christ’s return is imminent (Matthew 24, Luke 21).


Christianity, Bible prophecy, Second Coming of Christ

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