Why the Spirit gifts were withdrawn?

A @Christadelphians Video: Description: Before his ascension our Lord Jesus promised his disciples that in his absence their preaching in his name would be helped by the Comforter, or Spirit gifts. These were received at Pentecost and included God given abilities to prophesy, to be expert teachers, to heal, to raise the dead as well as instantly speak a foreign language. The same power inspired some to write the New Testament. When this, God’s revelation of his Son, was complete, the spirit gifts were not required and were withdrawn.


The speaker discusses the withdrawal of Holy Spirit gifts, focusing on biblical references. They emphasise using the Bible as the sole source of doctrine. They explore the nature of the Holy Spirit, God’s form, and the purpose of spiritual gifts, highlighting prophecy, teaching, and spreading the gospel. The speaker argues that love surpasses spiritual gifts, which will cease as faith and hope turn to sight in the future.


  • 💬 The speaker stresses using the Bible as the sole source of doctrine.
  • 💨 The Hebrew word “ruak” and Greek word “Numa” both refer to God’s spirit.
  • 📜 The Holy Spirit gifts included prophecy, teaching, and spreading the gospel.
  • 🌟 Love is deemed greater than spiritual gifts, which will cease as faith and hope turn to sight in the future.
  • 📖 The withdrawal of Holy Spirit gifts is seen as part of the completion of God’s plan, with the Bible being the complete and enduring source of truth.


Video content, Holy Spirit, Biblical doctrine

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