The Myth of the IDF Aid Convoy

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Over the past couple of days, it looks like the Biden administration has now publicly gone on the offensive against Israel, with more vigour than the previous months. The reason for this is likely something to do with Biden wanting to please his democrat base as the November elections loom ever closer.

Biden versus Netanyahu

For example, in the recent primaries in Michagan, 100,000 of Biden’s voting base abstained from voting for him, to register their protest against his Israel policies – calling for him to be even tougher on Netanyahu. Similar to the Labour party in the UK, the left wing base is pushing the leaders to further and further radical positions against Israel.

Following this, Biden openly criticised Israel in his state of the union address, and was caught on a hot mic saying that he and Netanyahu were going to have a “come to Jesus” meeting about the situation, sounding ominous. Only today, Biden said that Netenyahu is quote, “hurting Israel more than he’s helping”. It is highly unusual for a president to make partisan comments about a political figure in a different countries democracy – particularly when it involves America’s strongest ally in the middle east. These critical comments and more have come amidst widespread criticism of Israel in the mainstream media for the way that aid has been distributed in Gaza.

The myth of the aid convoy massacre

On the 29th of February, for example, an aid convoy was swarmed by tens of thousands of Gazan’s as it entered the city of Gaza itself in the north. During the chaos, there was gunfire and 115 Gazans were killed. Similar to the incident with the Al Shifa hospital last year, this was broadcast around the world, largely as a massacre perpetrated by Israel on innocent civilians. The incident was described by Qatar’s ministry of Foreign Affairs as a “heinous massacre”. Emmanuel Macron, condemned the “shootings” and said he had deep indignation for the civilians that have been targeted by Israel. In their usual disastrous fashion, CNN put out a headline saying that 100 were killed when the IDF “opened fire as people waited for food” – Only a few hours after the event, it was clear that this is an egregious manipulation of the truth. Antonio Guterres, the secretary general of the UN, in his own special world of Jew-hatred, “condemned” the incident and implied that Israel were not doing enough to get aid into Gaza. Even more outrageously, a resolution was put forward at the UN to blame Israel entirely for the 100 tragic deaths. The only reason this resolution did not pass, was because the US did not support it. The pattern is always the same – an initial horrific story emanates from the Gaza strip, causing shock waves around the world as the Mainstream media turn their word cannons on the Jewish people. Finally, when the facts of the case finally come out, the world has moved on, with the mainstream media finding some new way to blame Israeli forces in Gaza. This week, the results of the IDF’s probe into the aid convey tragedy was published. The aid convoy was driven by Palestinian contractors, who were driving a convoy of 38 trucks into the area of northern Gaza – Gaza city itself, at 4am in the morning. This is a common occurrence in Gaza currently. However, a crowd of some 12,000 Palestinians swarmed the convoy from the east and west, beginning to loot the supply trucks. At the same time as the trucks were looted, several Palestinians started to advance towards some nearby Israeli tanks. At this stage, the Israeli troops near the tanks fired precisely towards that group – Less than ten of the casualties were caused by Israeli fire. Drone footage now shows that the Palestinian contractors driving the trucks, continued moving while they were being swarmed, likely resulting in the tragically high death toll. Nevertheless, The condemnatory headlines that wizzed around the world have done their jobs – very few people are likely to pause and look back and consider what might actually have happened in retrospect. The demonisation of Israel is easy – The damage is done.

The Big Picture

Since the beginning of the war, 267,970 tons of aid has been delivered by 14,000 trucks. As reported by the American Jewish committee, Israel does not impose limits on the amount of aid entering the territory. In reporting stories of Israel’s Insufficient aid activities, news outlets like ABC news quote organisations like UNRWA, the corrupt UN organisation as evidence for this.

The responsibility for the tragic situation for innocent Gazan civilians is something that lies squarely with Hamas. The purpose of considering incidents like this is not to make political statements but rather to see the way that the mainstream media is working to manipulate the narrative against the Jewish people.  In the words of Isaiah 59, truth as fallen in the streets. Reactionary, alarmist, condemnatory headlines fly across the world, even influencing policy makers in their decisions about Israel. We expect to see a rise in antisemitism in the last days, heralding the time when all nations will be brought against Jerusalem for battle.

One of the hugely significant learnings of our post-October 7th world, has been the unleashing of a new level of antisemitism. The undercurrents for the way that the progressive left so quickly turn against Israel was something that could already be seen – but over the last few months, this has been on a whole new level. The media machine has snowballed a world-wide movement of Antisemitism. We hear genocidal slogans from the streets of London to the streets of Tehran on a weekly basis at the moment.

Join us again next week for another edition of Bible in the news. This has been Daniel Blackburn joining you.

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Wow, very insightful.
We thought there was something strange about those Kitchen workers being killed in that midnight convoy.
Who delivers supplies under cover of night? Too suspicious and foolish too.
Hamas must have orchestrated this somehow and you helped expose this.
Thank you for your investigation,
God bless your efforts.


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