Understanding Revelation: Study – 4 videos (ongoing…)

1.     Description:  The Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ is a love letter sent to those believers who heed it and will become the Bride of Christ when he returns. God, Jesus Christ, an angel and the Apostle John are the four who worked together to bring its message to you, in intelligible signs and symbols. It can bring great blessings to ecclesias today.

2.     The Godgiven prophecies in the books of Daniel and Revelation have been fulfilled gradually over the centuries, from the time of writing to the present day and beyondenabling believers to know where they are in relation to the coming Kingdom of God and dangers they face in their lifetime.

3.     The layout of the Book of Revelation is made plain with the picture of a telescope, the repeated use of the number seven, and the encouraging visions of future glory interspersed between chapters foretelling political and religious changes. Recurring themes and consistent symbols help the reader understand what it means.

4.     Distinctive letters, suited to each of the seven ecclesias in 1st Century Asia Minor, are also invaluable instruction for ecclesias in all ages, as Jesus Christ himself shows us what he wants us to practise and what he wants us to remove from our lives and ecclesias.

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