Daily Readings and Thought for March 1st. “A BREACH OF FAITH AGAINST THE LORD”


 The book of Leviticus goes into great detail about how the people were to become a law abiding people by obeying the laws God was giving them.  Tragically, apart from the Levites, the grown up people who had experienced life in Egypt, even though they had been slaves, never humbled themselves to keep faith with the God whose great power they had witnessed.

It is most interesting to look back to the time when the Bible was first translated and printed four to five hundred years ago.  This was the time when Kings and Queens began to lose their absolute powers and detailed laws began to be put in their place by the Parliaments that were set up.  Those formulating the laws often took their guidance from many of the principles in the laws God gave to Moses some 3,000 years earlier.  Our generation has forgotten all that – and that God said, “Woe unto them who become wise in their own eyes” [Isa.5 v.21]

Today Leviticus Ch. 6 starts with these words, “The LORD spoke to Moses, saying, ‘If anyone sins and commits a breach of faith against the LORD by deceiving his neighbour in …’” There follows various types of wrong doing – for e.g. “he has oppressed his neighbour or has found something lost and lied about it, swearing (giving an oath) falsely – in any and all the things that people do and sin thereby “ [v.2,3] 

We need to notice the point that all wrong-doing was seen by God as “a breach of faith against the LORD”    In God’s eyes all wrong doing by those who bear his name are sins against him.  David immediately acknowledged this when made aware of his sin. (2 Sam. 12 v.13)  So all our wrongdoing is “a breach of faith”, a lapse in the commitment we gave when we committed our lives to serve our Lord – and God became our heavenly Father. A verse in today’s Psalm particularly jumped out as we read it, “Seek the LORD and his strength: seek his presence continually” [105 v.4].  The more we succeed in doing this, the more we will not sin.  Remember, all wrongdoing “is a breach of faith.” 

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